Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Swimmy Swimmy Tegernsee

Because my father in law came to visit, and because we have a relatively new baby to celebrate, and because pigs started flying and we got a day in Munich with more than 20 degrees in temperature, we decided to live on the edge a little and take said baby and toddler to a lake. Fun times!

It was just glorious.
Glorious weather.

Glorious babies.
(I'm sorry, I have to sneak this one in).

(and this one really..)

Glorious water.

And glorious papa-in-the-water-with-2-year-old so mama can sit and scratch something....whatever that may be....for two minutes.

I love this next photo because it shows exactly how far a psychotically excited toddler can run in search of the slippery dip before a papa has had the chance to flex his enviable abs upon exiting the pool.

They're so QUICK!
(Two year olds, not abs. Whatever).

And when in the heart of Bavaria, what does one eat to sustain swimming and running away prowess?


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  1. I love the one with Oskar running for it, unbeknownst to papa bear.