Sunday, 31 July 2011


So, the other day, I went with my two buddies, Emma and Kate to the Reitschule for brunch, cause we're posh like that. I took Mini O who is Milk Monster so I was really needing this fuel stop...right? Right.

Here we are...cause everyone looks better in black and white...Ok... look better in black and white. Mini O would even look beautiful in sepia..but not me...I'm black and white girl.....ummm, ANYWAY! I live about five minutes from the Reitschule. It's quite famous around these parts. It's a beautiful restaurant with rooms like this gorgeous one...

...and this lovely one...

and at the back of the restaurant is a riding school, hence the name...clever no? Genius.

The thing is you see, I knew about the whole riding school thing, and I have actually eaten here a few times before, and embaressingly I NEVER noticed THIS...

or this...

or even this!

 Is this not awesome?
 So after feeling frightfully non attentive and male-like, I went on to be posh and order my brunch.... I felt right at home amongst this lot.

Cause these days I'm eating just like one of them. 

Friday, 29 July 2011

Holi holi daaaaaaay!

Family holidays, I feel, are never really complete without things like oooh, let's say, a torturous car cream vomit...umm trampolines...toddler tantrums and't you think?...Sooo....I am happy to tell you, our holiday was complete! Me and the Men took ourselves to Italy where we had a most fabulous time. We stayed in Toscolano, right on the water..

It was beautiful...

Don't find this in Munich.

Don't find it in Sydney either.


 I suppose that's because it's only HERE.

 Oh Italy...sigh.

 I could eat my weight in pizza everyday...and it wouldn't hurt a bit.

 And take photos of ancient churches, it wouldn't hurt a bit.

 And watch my child run from the Carabinieri and it wouldn't...hang ON!

 That's better.

 Happy, sunny, chic, sometimes corrupt but never boring...

Italy. We love you!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Care Package Australia.

You would think that having lived abroad for the last decade, the kindly folks back home who don't live abroad would have taken it upon themesleves to send the occasional care package. Unfortunately, those who don't live abroad, seem not to realise the intense hysterics that those living abroad go into upon receiving such a the one I received off me Mammy this morning.

SCORE! I LOVE Bonds rompers, especially the striped ones...really? They are PERFECT, less bits of clothing to wash, you can squeeze babies into them for a good few months past their designated size, and they take up barely ANY space in suitcases (the rompers, not babies, whatever)...just because Mini O may look like he's doing hard time by wearing them I feel is a small price to pay.....and speaking of prices....You know how I was bitching around before at the state of my not much-loved letterbox? Check THIS out..

And it all becomes clear to me now. Thanks Mum.

Robertson's Pie Shop.

'Tis amazing what a difference 18 months makes! I was going through my Picasa photo list, which I really need to come to grips with. Not only have I saved every photo I have taken for the last 10 years under non-alphabetical or numerical systems, but I must also navigate the system in German...ahhhh...German. ANYHOO, as I was navigating, I found these photos of my now 2.5 year old...they made me get teary...In a good way.

That's me Mammy in the back...where all good Mammys belong...JOKES! The Big O, the Oma and ME had decided to go for a little jaunt...on the foggiest day Sydney had seen in the last 453928392 years..always up for a challenge.

It was foggy, steamy and sticky, we were travelling Nordic Sauna Style! Huh?

So we decided to stop for pies, good thing we did too, them pies were gooood!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

If I don't post now...

I'm pretty sure this blog will fall by the wayside, and can we have that happen? NO! Never put off till tomorrow what you an do today...onwards and upwards..up and at 'em....oh you know what I'm saying.

And thats about all I can muster for tonight.
Oh. Dear.