Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Park Diaries. Part One.

 * Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure this whole 'Part One' thing may end up being just that...One. But in case it's not, rest assured that I will lose track of the numbering, and never know which bit I'm up to.

Thank you for your co-operation.

The English Garden here in Mewnick is virry virry beeyootiful!


SO, I have decided that it deserves a post all of its own.

I go there....I go there alot....really....and as I am there so often, I experience weird feelings of territorialism (???) when it gets full of people that are not me.... (psycho much?)

You see, I am there nearly every day....because we live in an apartment.....and I live in it with mountain men, so I try to get us outside every day....even in winter...even in snow....and rain....and snow  and rain together...there is no bad weather, only bad clothing....there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. At least this is what my husband tells me.

BUT as an Australian, I'm sorry, I believe I speak with authority when I tell you, yes, yes, there is bad weather, and all you Europeans are being taken for a ride by these outdoor clothing companies who charge you an arm and a leg for outdoor clothing, when it would be far more sensible and cheaper to admit the crappiness of some weather and just stay INSIDE!!! (I obviously have some unresolved issues with German weather and need to get a grip).

So, you see, when I am there, alone, in the snow, and all the sane people are INSIDE, I think its completely understandable that when these sane people show up in summer, in my The English Garden, I get a little miffed.

We have to wait in line at the swings.
We have to wait in line to buy pretzels.
We have to wait in line to use the loo.
We have to wait in line to chuck a nappy in the bin....

I think maybe I get miffed because I have to do more crowd control and can't just skive off and have a cup of coffee and a doughnut pretzel like I do when it's just us there. So i inevitably start screaming things that make me sound suspiciously like my mother when I was growing up...
'Don't throw sand. Give it back it's not yours. I've asked once, I won't ask again! He just wants a litle go. Share the bucket. You have to wait your turn. Don't hit. Don't kick. Don't scream....BRAHHHHHH!'....shudder.

ANYWAY, what I wanted to share with you though, was this....

Not a soul in sight....It was 7.30 am....

Alright, barely a soul in sight...

Here are a couple of them right now...

(Later, you have to line up to have a lie on these benches).

Huh? Bondi, what are you doing here?

(Just having a bit of sun envy, our summer has been dismal).

I felt very fit and active.... I schlepped the morning.

 But I was only up because I had a hair appointment....darling.

But still, at least I walked! (Schlepped..whatever.)

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