Sunday, 31 July 2011


So, the other day, I went with my two buddies, Emma and Kate to the Reitschule for brunch, cause we're posh like that. I took Mini O who is Milk Monster so I was really needing this fuel stop...right? Right.

Here we are...cause everyone looks better in black and white...Ok... look better in black and white. Mini O would even look beautiful in sepia..but not me...I'm black and white girl.....ummm, ANYWAY! I live about five minutes from the Reitschule. It's quite famous around these parts. It's a beautiful restaurant with rooms like this gorgeous one...

...and this lovely one...

and at the back of the restaurant is a riding school, hence the name...clever no? Genius.

The thing is you see, I knew about the whole riding school thing, and I have actually eaten here a few times before, and embaressingly I NEVER noticed THIS...

or this...

or even this!

 Is this not awesome?
 So after feeling frightfully non attentive and male-like, I went on to be posh and order my brunch.... I felt right at home amongst this lot.

Cause these days I'm eating just like one of them. 


  1. Keep the stories coming. I love it.

  2. Dude, that's so unlike you to go about your way and not notice such things!!!! I must say i't was all looking a little bare?????? It would seem there aren't too many others wishing to be 'posh' shall we say, and have brunch???