Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Care Package Australia.

You would think that having lived abroad for the last decade, the kindly folks back home who don't live abroad would have taken it upon themesleves to send the occasional care package. Unfortunately, those who don't live abroad, seem not to realise the intense hysterics that those living abroad go into upon receiving such a the one I received off me Mammy this morning.

SCORE! I LOVE Bonds rompers, especially the striped ones...really? They are PERFECT, less bits of clothing to wash, you can squeeze babies into them for a good few months past their designated size, and they take up barely ANY space in suitcases (the rompers, not babies, whatever)...just because Mini O may look like he's doing hard time by wearing them I feel is a small price to pay.....and speaking of prices....You know how I was bitching around before at the state of my not much-loved letterbox? Check THIS out..

And it all becomes clear to me now. Thanks Mum.

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