Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Robertson's Pie Shop.

'Tis amazing what a difference 18 months makes! I was going through my Picasa photo list, which I really need to come to grips with. Not only have I saved every photo I have taken for the last 10 years under non-alphabetical or numerical systems, but I must also navigate the system in German...ahhhh...German. ANYHOO, as I was navigating, I found these photos of my now 2.5 year old...they made me get teary...In a good way.

That's me Mammy in the back...where all good Mammys belong...JOKES! The Big O, the Oma and ME had decided to go for a little jaunt...on the foggiest day Sydney had seen in the last 453928392 years..always up for a challenge.

It was foggy, steamy and sticky, we were travelling Nordic Sauna Style! Huh?

So we decided to stop for pies, good thing we did too, them pies were gooood!

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