Friday, 29 July 2011

Holi holi daaaaaaay!

Family holidays, I feel, are never really complete without things like oooh, let's say, a torturous car cream vomit...umm trampolines...toddler tantrums and't you think?...Sooo....I am happy to tell you, our holiday was complete! Me and the Men took ourselves to Italy where we had a most fabulous time. We stayed in Toscolano, right on the water..

It was beautiful...

Don't find this in Munich.

Don't find it in Sydney either.


 I suppose that's because it's only HERE.

 Oh Italy...sigh.

 I could eat my weight in pizza everyday...and it wouldn't hurt a bit.

 And take photos of ancient churches, it wouldn't hurt a bit.

 And watch my child run from the Carabinieri and it wouldn't...hang ON!

 That's better.

 Happy, sunny, chic, sometimes corrupt but never boring...

Italy. We love you!

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